How Much Storage Do You Need For The Average Ipad  Book

The ipad has grown into a revolutionary invention and has changed the lives of many people around the world who use them. Their popularity has grown since their introduction to the market and more people are beginning to use it as the global society collectively heads towards a new era of technological developments and modern lifestyles. The ipad has been made available to various parts of the globe, this enhanced reach into the target market has increased the availability of the product on a global scale, and many individuals now view the ipad as the ultimate electronic companion in their day-to-day activities. Among the features that have made the ipad so popular among the tech-savvy individuals in the society are the thousands of applications for the ipad that are available in the market today.

Ipad iBooks App

How Much Storage Do You Need For The Average Ipad Book

Among these multiple applications, one that will attract most literature enthusiasts and those individuals whose hobbies include reading is the iBook application provided on the ipad. It has made many a reader’s life easier through the introduction of this product in to the market, and its popularity has steadily grown especially among the younger generations who are still undergoing their academic studies. The iBook application allows one to store the various books for Ipad  that they may be reading at the moment on their ipads in the form of an e book. This has however led to the question of exactly how much space do ibooks take on ipads.

So How Much Storage Do You Need For The Average Ipad  Book?

An ibook is the term used to refer to the ebook that has been designed to be opened in an ipad. The book is in the form of a file and the answer to the question of how much space do ibooks take on ipads depends on a number of issues, these include:

The ibook itself – the size of the book that an individual downloads on to their ipad is the first consideration that one has to study when looking at how much space ibooks take on ipads. There are different types of books that are available on the internet from novels to textbooks to academic reports and all these are accessible through the use of the ipad library application. These different ibooks are available in different sizes depending on the amount of content that is contained within the ibook. Though the difference in sizes may vary from book to book, an ibook does not generally take up a lot of space and one does not have to worry about filling up their available memory with a few e books.

Available space in the ipad – The ipad is available in the market in different models that suit the preferences of different people.

Ipad 2 Tech Specs:

Ipad 2 available with: 16 GB, 32 GB, 64 GB

The particular model that one purchases will also be a contributing factor to the question of how much space do ibooks take on ipads. Different models have different storage capacities and one is able to buy the one that will adequately suit their needs depending on the amount of data they intend to store.

So Finally….. How Much Storage Do You Need For The Average Ipad Book

I talked about so much theoretical stuff, now it is time to give you some facts. OK… I guess an example will be best:

How many books can e.g.  a 16GB iPad hold?

Ebooks are quite small and range from 200 KB for a short to medium length eBook including mainly text to 600 KB  for a longer ibook. So including system files you will be able to store about 50,000 books.

Well, 50,000 is a LOT. If you purchase every single ebook in the Apple store and we assume that one book costs $10 you will have spent $500,000 on 50,000 books.

WOW… that’s a huge number. The Apple iBookstore currently offers 200,000 books for download. So you could store ALL books in the iBookstore on a 64 GB Ipad.

If you bought ALL books in the Amazon iBookstore and we again assume that the average book costs $10, you will have to invest $2 million. Wow!

And here are some more numbers:

People that read a lot read up to 20 books a month. So that’s $200 they would have top spend each month in the Ibookstore.

Even if they read 20 books a month (that’s 240 books a year) it would take them 206 years to read 50,000 books.

Well… you have to admit that if you read a lot getting your books at the iBookstore is rather expensive. This is why you should definitely join a website offering unlimited Ipad books downloads for a onetime fee. The two best Ipad download sites charge $49.95 for lifetime access. Once you are a member you may download as many ebooks as you want for the rest of your life. Well… this is without a doubt a great deal and most likely the reason why so many people are joining these two sites every day.
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